​Project Keeker Racing For A Cure

Our ultimate goal of Project *Keeker" is to strip the car and the engine down. Then rebuild it into a 10 second Drag car so we can race it competitively on the East Coast. All winnings will be divided up and sent as a donation to the Cancer Research Center, to help pay for the medical bills incurred, and the remainder of the winnings will be put back into the car to keep it on the race track. The PayPal donation link is below.  From the time Justin’s mom bought the car, it has been driven, bumped, cracked, repaired and now Justin and his team are in the process of stripping it and rebuilding it into a Drag car in his mom’s name. After the engine is rebuilt the car will have a skin applied to it (verses a finish coat of paint) that will be Pink Camouflage and have the Pink Breast Cancer ribbons all over it. We are hoping to get the car and engine rebuilt as soon as possible to race in memory of all the cancer patients who have lost their battle! And also to find a cure to save the survivors and people battling this deadly sickness!!

C.E.O: Justin Tracy

C.O.O: Lindsey Tracy


     Our team consists of all of our family and friends but most of all our supporters. Without our supporters none of this would be possible. Kathleen Tracy also known as "Keeker", with her bravery and her strength is still with us in all of our hearts to lead our team to victory. Not just at the race track or shows but to prove that no matter what, cancer can't take away our hearts and souls in each other!